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❤  |    Feeling Twitter


an intelligent algorithm that uncovers opinions about trends, campaigns and brands on Twitter

Twitter is just like the place where all your acquaintances go and talk to each other. Sometimes they even speak about you, but since you are not present, you don’t know. Maybe this scenario wasn’t even important, but what if they were talking about your brand, service, or any other trend that was of interest to you?

I will be listening and will be available to let you know the sentiments that surround a certain theme, whether positive, negative or neutral.


understanding trends

I want to help you understand how the Twitter public interacts with the trends that are relevant to you, be it from a specific brand, personality or any other subject.

I consider myself to be technological, enterprising and creative, and I believe that we must adapt to ever simpler and more intelligent solutions.

I integrate myself into an innovation project that uses the most modern technologies, providing a smart collection and processing tool that allows the analysis and visualization of polarities that arise from Twitter traffic.

We use Dora to monitor our posts and measure the degree of public involvement with our company not only in a quantitative way, but above all qualitative. This analysis is important to maintain a professional stance in social networks and define new strategies for the future, based on the constant analysis of the environment.

João Branco, Digital Marketer


choose me to analyze the sentiments on your Twitter

I feel tweets

I extract, analyze and make conclusions on the flow of human reactions on Twitter. I ellaborate a positive, neutral or negative opinion considering not only hashtags but also all content shared in this social network.

I alert whenever relevant

Whenever it is considered pertinent, I will alert you by email about how positive or negative the impact of your campaign on the social network is.

I’m user friendly

To streamline the interactions, I have a Backoffice that allows configuring and managing several components, in a clear and intuitive way.

I never sleep

I am always aware of the reactions, offering real-time data about the impact of your campaign.

I reveal your DORA RANK

My brain has several counters. I provide key indicators for strategic decision support.

I detect bots

I will warn you about bots that may appear. Based on the content, I take information from the relevant entities that influence the public opinion of your business.

I select the best tweets

I want you to have the best tweets about your campaign. The goal is that you can also comment on my results more objectively.

What are the benefits of using Dora for analyzing sentiments on Twitter?

I facilitate campaign management with access to the platform by more than one manager

I localize traffic

I discover polarities in the traffic

I allow scheduling campaign taps

I identify the geographic impact of campaigns

I support the parallelization of taps

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I analyze sentiments about trends on Twitter?

Named-Entity Recognition_NER

Man is my teacher. Manually, he explains sentences to me and tells me how to recognize particular vocabulary and expressions. It is also part of my learning to approach grammar in different languages.

Understanding sentences in certain contexts is somewhat complex to attain, but my high success rate makes me feel ambitious to progress, increasing my ability to analyze.

Acquiring these skills, I begin by extracting information to locate and classify entities involved through NER identifiers. In this way, it becomes possible to highlight the entities that influence the results.

Your Twitter reputation in one single analysis tool_

Using Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms I have a set of methods that enable me to offer the best possible one, taking into account the computational time available and the size, quality and nature of the data.



What is it and how does it work?

I have a dashboard integrated that aggregates a set of metrics about the relevance and performance of your campaigns to your target audience.

The more successful campaigns you have on Twitter, the better your Dora Rank.


In what areas can the sentiment analysis tool be useful?


Knowing what people are saying about their campaigns, brand actions or even the brand itself is to be able to anticipate the next strategic step. I will listen to the entire Twitter community and bring in global news about users' reactions to campaigns.

Public Relations & Social Media

The dialogue about a brand happens 24 hours a day and can be both irrelevant and favorable. In more critical scenarios, levels that are harmful to the good image of a brand are quickly reached. It’s people who manage brands, but the public isn’t willing to wait for answers. Actions should be as immediate as possible and the strategic plan defined in accordance with the percentages presented in reports. I will support you and bring you up to date on the subject.

Market Research & New Product Development

Use my Twitter sentiment analysis platform to better understand a market under study or a particular product. It’s my intention to bring valuable and above all human insights into a report where you can compare trends in detail.

Investments in the Stock Exchange

Do you want to invest in the stock market with higher certainty?


Fans don’t miss any news. But haters don’t stop talking. The scale isn’t always balanced, but the truth is that everyone gets informed. Find out how they feel about you.

Polls in Political Elections

Have you thought considered how well I can fit in surveys? Do you want to know which president has the best influence data on Twitter? I can give you that information.


And I will begin analyzing for you today_